Green Aqua

Making vegetable farming sustainable by mimicking natural ecosystem.


India is having 4% of world’s fresh water, out of which 80% is used in agriculture.
Green Aqua will enable traditional farmers to transform their agriculture practices into sustainable method of farming by mimicking natural ecosystem in the farm environment. Our idea works on very basic principle of nitrogen cycle. Water with fish excreta is used as a source of nutrition and the same water is being recirculated for growing fish and vegetables and thereby saving 95% of water.
Chemical pesticide usage is another pain point which leaves its residue on leaves and different parts of plants. Green Aqua’s agriculture solution offers soil-less farming technique and thereby reducing the risk of soil-borne pathogen infestation and elimination of pesticide usage in agriculture.
Our idea has many positive impacts :
1. To save thousands of liters of water through re-circulatory system, a sustainable method of agriculture.
2. To produce pure organic vegetables, herbs and leafy greens and fish.

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • India

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  • Moumita Mukherjee: Founder And Marketing Head; Abhishek Dutta: Co-Founder & Technical Head

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