National First prize winner

Green Coal Pellet

We produce eco-friendly fuel Pellets for Brick and Cement Industries


Green Coal Pellet (GCP) produces cost effective and eco-friendly fuel pellets by mixing Coal, Biomass and Proprietary additives. We offer the GCP at the rate of 8.46 $/GJ to the brick and cement industries that reduces the GHG by more than half while reducing the fuel cost by 9%.
With our solution, the industries reduce fuel cost, while they may also get benefited from green tax incentives. Each brick kiln uses about 1,000 tons coal in a year. By the use of our product, each kiln would save 16,000 $ while the beach head market saving is about 0.5 M$ per year. To achieve the target of 32,000 tons sell per year, we would invest 4.83 million $ to generate a gross profit of 449,000 $.
We care for the environment. In our beachhead market we reduce 113,000 ton of CO2 emissions per year. We are dreaming to produce alternative fuel for the brick industries which provide access to affordable environment friendly renewable energy fuel. We also aiming to make profit of 1 M $ by 2023.

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Nepal

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  • Mr. Sagar Kafle, Team Leader. Mr. Vidya Prasad Kafle, Business Head. Ms. Sijal Pokharel, Environment Scientist

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