Green Events

We contribute to sustainable development through ecological practices.


With the increase in consumption due to human needs, planet Earth is under threat!
For it is known that the greater the consumption need of the Human being, the greater the scale of production to be able to satisfy them.

What human beings do not take into account is that to satisfy their needs, the production sector goes through several stages from preparation, the materials used, the means used to reach the consumer and finally the end of the product’s life cycle. .

The lack of awareness of these steps, not knowing how to deal with the product’s life cycle and if the production sector does not apply it sustainably, these actions generate highly negative impacts on Earth.
To ensure that these steps are carried out in a sustainable way and with ecological practices, Green intends to promote sustainability and ecology, providing consultancy, organizing events, training and providing materials and ecological solutions with our network of partners.

Quick facts

  • 2021 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Mozambique
  • 6
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  • Michella Simbine (Administrative Manager), Ednydo Machaieie (Commercial Manager); Juaria Magid (Operations Coordinator) Nicole Freitas (Operations Assistant) Adamo Ibraimo And Simão Norberto (Sales Consultants)

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