National Second prize winner

Green Makers Solution Tanzania

Transforming Plastic Waste into Sustainable Building Solutions for a Greener Future


At Green Makers Solution, we’re on a mission to combat climate change and plastic pollution by transforming plastic waste into sustainable building materials. Our innovative approach involves using cutting-edge technology to shred plastic waste and then repurpose it into eco-friendly construction products like Plastic Bricks and paving. By providing an alternative to traditional building materials, we not only reduce the demand for resource-intensive materials but also contribute to cleaner environments and greener communities.

Our unique solution addresses the pressing challenges of plastic pollution and climate change, allowing us to create a positive impact at both the local and global levels. With a focus on community engagement and empowerment, we work hand in hand with local residents, providing them with the knowledge and skills to be actively involved in plastic waste management and construction activities.

Quick facts

  • 2023 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Tanzania
  • € 4.3k
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  • 1.Baltazary Anithet Twati - Founder And Director, 2. Regina Malay - Co-founder And Operations Manager, 3. Omary Mwesongo - Co-founder And Technical Lead, 4. Innocent Msoka - Co-founder And Community Engagement Coordinator, 5. Mariam Mhando - Co-founder And Finance Manager

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