Green Wings, finalist Cyprus

Green Wings, a system that produces electricity from the exhausted gases of airplanes during take-off. Please read more about this cleantech idea.


At October 17, 2014 the CleanLaunchpad national final Cyprus and Greece was organized. Communications and Works Minister Marios Demetriades was invited and highlighted the significance of this competition for Cyprus. The Jury qualified Green Wings to represent Cyprus in the Grand EU Final, October 29, 2014.


What is Green Wings about?

In medium and large airports aircrafts are queuing in order to take off. Each one passes at the beginning of the runway. At this stage its engines work at the maximum and they produce extremely high-speed turbulent air streams.

Green Wings uses this kinetic energy to produce electricity with a high-speed generator. At the same time we capture a large amount of those gases in our underground filtration system.

The jury questions were very valuable because they gave us the opportunity to give our position in important issues like if we are allowed to make such a construction at the start of the runway. We clarify aviation authorities regulations and we point out our special shaped windmill will not exceed the 3m in height.


What are your expectations?

Our expectations are high: we hope to be one of the winning teams because of the originality of our idea and our hard working. With the prize money we will be able to proceed: a simulation model and a small-scale prototype. And we need concrete results to attract investors.


Our Dream

Our dream is to see our idea implemented in order to minimize pollution in such a crucial industry.


Marios Ashiotis, on behalf of team Green Wings

Quick facts

  • 2014 Participant
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  • Cyprus

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