GREENER THAN GRASS, finalist Hungary

GREENER THAN GRASS is a Hungarian start-up and one of the finalists of the CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final in Valencia, October 29. This blog gives you a brief outline of what GREENER THAN GRASS is about, their aims and dreams. Enjoy the reading.



The National Final took place in Budapest (Hungary) at August 5. The participants had very immersive ideas. The Jury was fair: gave fair critiques and suggestions on how to carry on. At the end of the day the Jury announced that GREENER THAN GRASS is going to represent Hungary in CleanLaunchpad Grand EU Final.



GREENER THAN GRASS produces a green liquid fertilizer concentrate and green growing block for seedlings. We use grass and weed as raw materials, which should otherwise be handled as waste. That is how we came up with the name of our business GREENER THAN GRASS

We want to eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers because of its bad environmental impact: the production of 1 kg of chemical fertilizer results in more than 2 kgs of greenhouse gases. And secondly: users of these chemicals can get serious health problems in the long run.

Why buy GREENER THAN GRASS? Because it is cheaper than chemical fertilizers, it is completely environmental friendly and it causes no health damage at all.

Our dream is to promote green technology in agriculture and fertilization, and to create work, thus to help local communities develop and prosper.


What are your expectations for the CleanLaunchpad Grand Final

We hope to win. To achieve that, we work very hard and we’ve improved our presentation. Furthermore, we’d like to find a partner at the Innovation Festival. But whatever the outcome will be, it is a building experience for all of us.

– Emõke Rozgonyi and Gabriella Fenesi’, GREENER THAN GRASS

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