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Reducing the heat island effect by creating rooftop green spaces


One of the most important climate issues that we are facing nowadays is the heat island effect inside the cities. It causes a rise in temperature of up to 9°C in the urban areas compared to the green surroundings of the city, affecting the air quality and the overall health of the residents.

GreenHUB is a rooftop green space, where you can enjoy the cool and fresh air and the incredible view of the Bucharest skyline over a drink while benefitting from wi-fi and renewable energy from the photovoltaic trees. It will function as a rental venue for corporate events, as well as an open-for-all leisure center on specific days, with an hourly fee.

By reusing abandoned industrial buildings in the central areas of the city, we create GreenHUBs, which mitigate the heat island effect, while raising awareness on the importance of sustainable building for a healthier environment.

Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Romania

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  • The EFdeN Team with the Key Representatives: Nicoleta Cruceanu (Management), Ana-Maria Ghiță (Finance & Development), Ana-Maria Pașolea (Communication & PR), Robert Popescu (Marketing)

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