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Digital database and marketplace for re-use of building materials


The volume of construction waste generated worldwide every year will nearly double to 2.2. billion metric tons by the year 2025. The Norwegian construction industry alone produces nearly 2 million metric tons of building waste every year.
GreenStock’s cloud-based platform streamlines logistics for the reuse of building materials. Organisations can use the platform internally to map available materials in existing buildings and leftovers from building projects in a database for reuse in future construction projects. This will reduce carbon emissions as well as overall building costs. In future, GreenStock will be offered as a digital marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of reclaimed materials to reduce waste in commercial and residential construction projects. GreenStock’s digital platform enables users to save materials, manage transport and storage, and gather documentation about the materials. It also provides data on the carbon reductions and financial savings generated.

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  • Michael Curtis (CEO), David Beirne (Web Developer, Graphical Designer, Programmer), Ole-Kristian Vingdal (IT System Architect), Mathias Wahl (IT System Architect)

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