National First prize winner


Innovative technology of water purification, enrgyefficient equipment, extralow CO2 emission


H2Only is a unique equipment, created on the basis of innovative technology. Our equipment allows you to clean water of any degree of contamination. For example, waste water, industrial water, salty ocean, etc., which in the future will be suitable for drinking! We take only a molecule of water and nothing more! The technology allows you to reduce the amount of energy spent on water purification and increase the amount of purified water. Our motto is fast, economical, eco-friendly. We do not use filters and cooling and boiling processes. We use only innovative technology that will revolutionize water treatment and the industries associated with its consumption. H2Only – will improve the ecology of the countries that will use it. We will be able to provide clean drinking water and affordable water to Europe, East, Asia and other countries.

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  • 2019 Participant
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  • Circular Economy
  • Moldova
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  • Novac Valeri -Inventor, Engineer, CAD Designer, European Energy Manager EUREM, WI-FI Manager Austria, CEO Manager. Daria Novac - Project Manager

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