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The easiest and most affordable engine conversion for sustainable mobility.


Relative to other means of transportation, maritime mobility has fallen behind in the energy transition. This is particularly true for small or artisanal professionals, whom have no economically viable solution to decarbonize their operations.
Developments to date have been focused on innovative technologies that lack the local availability, economies of scale, and maturity needed for small operators. H2AYM’s offer is simple and straightforward. We provide engine conversions to professional ship operators, taking them from fossil fuel combustion to H2 combustion.
For ship operators in all our target markets, our solution is simply the quickest, easiest, cheapest way to drop carbon emissions to 0. Period. This is because our conversion, based on a patented French technology, is equivalent to standard engine maintenance. H2YAM can thus provide immediate and total decarbonization for ships across the globe, wherever green hydrogen is available.

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  • 2022 Participant
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  • Circular Economy
  • France
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  • Hervé Dumartin - CEO, Partnerships & Technologies ; Alexandre Marc - CTO, Product & Finances

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