HEES: Home Energy Efficiency Simulator

We empower people to become involved in their home energy modelling.


We wish to change the behavior and perceptions of consumers by creating awareness of possible energy solutions. We grow the homeowners’ interest to model their energy use by their desire to reduce heating costs, incentivized by savings, and facilitating action by providing the resources.
Our vision is to make this home energy modelling tool simple to use and clear to understand. The app is educational and delivers comparative analysis on all elements of the dwelling.
We have developed the engine behind the energy app to help homeowners make informed and calculated decisions effectively, by calculating the energy savings they can make in real time.
The tool will also facilitate professionals and contractors to demonstrate products specifications and benefits.
Our aim is to show people what they can achieve and how to do so, with the ability to pay as they save.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Ireland

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  • Paul Sheridan CEO (Founder) T.E.T., Dip M.I.M, DIT Bolton St. DEAP, Passive House Planning & Design
  • www.amarna.ie

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