National Third prize winner


Solar concentrators for water heating. 1 mirror covers the needs in hot water for 1 hotel room.


Heliopulse create a unique system of solar concentrators, that heat the water for households and businesses. Our system has a smart tracking system, so it has no overheat in summer and works effectively in winter. It is also stable to weather conditions and wind, so it can be easily put on the roof of the building.
For hotels, 1 mirror covers the needs in hot water for 1 hotel room. It saves the energy and cuts the CO2 emissions. So hotels and hospitalities have a lover carbon footprint. The system can also be mobile and used as a hot water producing system in refugee camps or mobile hospitals, where there is an urgent need in hot water.

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  • 2017 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Ukraine
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  • Andriy Chornyy - founder, Yuriy Panchenko - engineering, Taras Chornyy -production, Yuliya Chorna - or, marketing

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