National First prize winner


100% biodegradable recyclable biogranulate from hemp


We strongly believe in hemp and its revival for human survival. Increased use of hemp replacing standard synthetic and fossil fuel based materials will provide multiple benefits, from ecological point of view where the potential of hemp is greatest as well as from the position of economy where it can clearly contribute to the sustainable development of local economy. Our product is hemp granulate, eco-friendly fully degradable material as it is made from hemp fibers and lactic acid polymer (PLA).

Both hemp and PLA are simple biodegradable and recycable materials, replacing non-degradable, plastic and synthetic materials which are known to be agents of various modern day diseases. Konopko Hemp Cooperative will be producing and selling hemp biogranulate to various industries for further production of technical products which are used in automotive, constructing, electronics and packaging industry.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Slovenia

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