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The next generation green building material.


The construction industry is a main trigger of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. 50% of global CO2emissions stem from heating cooling and constructing buildings. The utilization of Earth’s minerals used for producing construction materials will eventually cause a crucial shortage on valuable resources. Additionally, the production process of building materials contributes to an increasing demand for fossil energy sources.

With our occupation as civil engineers we have concern on this issue. Therefore, our team sailed away on a journey to act on sustainability in construction.

We recycle wooden cores of industrial hemp stalks by mixing them with lime-based binder and water to design natural composite building blocks. They are used for assembling walls, roofs and floors and are suitable to each type of building. The blocks provide healthier urban environment next to higher living standard. Main advantages of the material are its insulation properties, durability and breathable characteristics. By allowing a constant indoor air circulation the blocks remain resistant to mold formation. Significant environmental benefit is the reduction of air pollution. Due to their captive properties, our blocks outperform zero-carbon materials and enable building carbon negative structures.

Our dream is to contribute to the transformation of the building sector with our ability to use the tools of today for the creation of a better tomorrow.


  • 2018

    Best Startup Award - Entrepreneurship&Innovation WU Wien

  • 2018

    VIENNA #16 - Startup Live, Founder Institute Vienna - Pitch Challenge

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  • 2017 Participant
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  • Urban Transitions
  • Austria

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  • Elena Yaneva - Product Development & Communication, Bojan Poletanovic - Strategic Development & Engineering

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