National First prize winner


Hydrogen BURNER (HHO generator) for heating system


The product is a HYDROGEN BURNER (HHO or Hydroxy gas generator) for heating system that is based on water electrolysis. With the help of the electricity, the water is divided into oxygen and hydrogen gas under normal air pressure. This is so called hydroxy gas (HHO), which is able to release great amount of heating energy, when burnt. The hydrogen burner is still in R&D phase but we already got a first working prototype, that is able to produce 5-6x times more heating energy than it consumes electricity in the process thus it makes it cost efficient.
We can use hydrogen burner to heat and cool residential and non-residential buildings, for electricity production, energy storage, hydrogen production, developing hydrogen-fueled engines and industrial ovens.

Key features are: zero emissions, 50% lower heating costs, 80% lower maintenance costs, plug&play, 700 – 800°C heating temperature, competitive retail price and compact design.

Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Slovenia

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  • Rok Lozej, Matej Lebreht, management

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