National Third prize winner

House Harvest

Climate smart agricultural solutions in mining


Emalahleni is a town in South Africa, has long been the backbone of the nation’s energy production, supplying 80% of its power through coal mining. However, as the world embarks on a journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future, the coal mining industry is facing inevitable decommissioning. As a farmer, I saw the implementation of aquaponics as a climate-smart solution to not only revitalize our town but also contribute to the global effort to combat climate change. Emalahleni’s greatest challenge is to diversify its economy and ensure a sustainable future for its residents. The community can get access to fresh healthy food from farm to fork, learn a new skill in climate smart agriculture, learn about energy saving techniques such as using solar and solar pumps We at House Harvest have the potential to become a model for other communities facing similar challenges.

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  • 2023 Participant
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  • South Africa
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