Human Charger (HC)

To sell sustainable charger to festivals


Human Charger (HC) is a movement driven charger placed in a bracelet. Our product uses induction to make electricity; the electricity would then be stored in a battery inside the bracelet. Users would then easily be able to open the bracelet and plug their phone in the outlet inside the bracelet, for charging. Our first target customer is festivals, as our product would be very convenient for them, seeing as outlets are not available at every corner and festivals often last days. The other existing solutions to this problem are not nearly as convenient, portable or sustainable. So not only does this offer a convenient solution it is also a green solution. We emit an immense amount of carbon dioxide each year from smartphones/phones. This solution that could potentially, remove a large amount, if not all, of that carbon dioxide, helping towards a greener world.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Denmark

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  • Emily Claire Winther Sørensen (Founder) And Valdemar Christian Bille-Lauridsen (Founder)

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