Hybridize Your Car

Integrate an electric motor kit in old or new cars.


Every technology has its strong suits and its shortcomings. In the past two decades electric motor technology saw great advances, but it faces one big problem – batteries. That’s the main reason why electric vehicles still aren’t so popular among drivers.

Hybrid vehicles bring together the benefits of both technologies, the electric motors and the internal combustion engines. Hybrids allow faster acceleration while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. At the same time they offer great flexibility and a driving range that only a tank of oil can provide.

With this in mind, we created Hybridize Your Car (HYC). Our idea presents a retrofit electric motor kit that is easily built in both old and new cars. With HYC, anyone can hybridize any car anytime.

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  • Slovenia

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  • Urša Fležar And Miha Markelj

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