National First prize winner


HydroPlat provides nanomaterials for fuel cell manufacturers to replace platinum.


Hydrogen cars are relatively expensive to manufacture because they require the use of a rare substance as a catalyst. The platinum electrocatalyst that is used is not only expensive but can also be impure. HydroPlat is a unique technology that will replace this platinum electrocatalyst in hydrogen cars with the help of biomass. The biomass is sulfur and nitrogen dual-doped nanomaterials that were made from genetically modified cyanobacteria. Hydrogen cars are much better than electric cars because they will reduce carbon emissions by 40% globally and they can go more miles for one fill-up
than electric cars. Our technology is cost-effective and efficient.


  • 2019

    Clean Mobility Award Winner

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Kazakhstan
  • 21

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  • Aidana Toleshova - CEO, Dr. Abdulla Mahboob - CTO, Daulet Aitymbayev - COO, Assylai Yegemberdiyeva - CFO, Damir Moldabay - Research Analyst, Zarina Zhunissova - PR Analyst, Akerke Sybankulova - PR Analyst

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