I Sea Future

The world's first sea ice restoration carbon credit marketplace.


i sea future: the world’s first sea ice carbon credit marketplace restoring sea ice to combat global warming.

Around 40 billion tonnes of CO2 are produced every year, and companies are searching for ways to cover their footprint. Some are making changes to the way they do business, but that will never be enough.
Many companies are now considering purchasing carbon credits to make up the difference. One carbon credit is equivalent to 1 tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere or prevented from being emitted.
Sea ice reflects solar energy away from the Earth. Because of this, we can calculate how much energy every square kilometer of sea ice reflects away, and therefore an equivalent number of carbon credits.
I sea future is building a carbon credit marketplace to connect clients looking for ways to reach their ambitious net zero goals with a huge and untapped source of carbon credits.

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  • Hannah Willis | Founder; Elly Hirano | Marketing Specialist; Logan Hosking | Financial Specialist; Max Willis | Design And Innovation; Steve Willis And Jerry Joynson | HCS Advisors
  • iseafuture.org

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