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We are developing the whole new world of hydroponic industry, and the plant loves it


iFarm we are offering an IoT Intelligent Soilless Farming System, that Empowers the next generation of hydroponics farms industry in Egypt and worldwide to help in food security.

our system will let our growers know exactly what their plant needs with our within our advanced algorithm system will let our growers know exactly what their plant need, and it ensures all parameter to be measured automatically such as humidity, temperature, temperature, pH or CO2.we grantee relatively zero production lose,95 % less water with 46 % less energy consumption,

Our automation system incorporates all the essentials to transform manual hydroponic for the latest modern automated one, it helps the farmer to be prosperous and consistently produce high-quality crops all year round.

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  • -Osama Elbagoury (Founder) / -Basheer Altawil (Co-founder)

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