Self-powered water quality sensor for agriculture irrigation sensing


InanoE is a technology based Startup based in Porto, Portugal and with a great background in materials science and engineering. Combining our know-how and answering to a great need in more autonomous electronics and sensors, we propose a self-powered sensor, capable of analyze the steam water quality and send real-time data. The world has an increasing tendency to collect data from the environment and cities, in order to better know and control the world we live in, the conditions we grow our food, etc. Enabling new, faster and easier ways to monitor water conditions is an efficient way to ensure food quality and our health. Therefore, we promote a self powered device that fits in the irrigation systems and water streams, while simultaneously checks its quality.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Portugal

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  • João Ventura - Executive Manager, André Pereira - Financial Manager, Mariana Proença - Marketing, Joel Puga - Product Development And Filipe Falcão - Product Development

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