National Second prize winner


InnergHarvest turns the wasted heat from car motor into electricity.


InnergHarvest is a clean-tech startup which harvests the wasted heat that comes out of the car motor and turns it into electricity, which is later on translated into extra free kilometers. The specialty of the product is the fact that it is running at 15% efficiency, making the fuel consumption of the car and the total amount of money paid for fuel per car per year drop! InnergHarvest is proved useful even when compared with a Hybrid car.

We at InnergHarvest, understand that climate change doesn’t only affect our health, but also our future on this planet earth, and we also know that our choices matter, and that is why we choose InnergHarvest which saves 1.17Mg of CO2 per car/year!

At InnergHarvest, we aim to reach the EU goal of 95 gCO2/km before 2021.

Quick facts

  • 2016 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Israel

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  • Heba Jaraysi - CEO / Lior Singer - CTO

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