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Inoqo is an app that supports consumers through information, gamification and nudging to shop more sustainably and a marketing platform for green brands to target relevant customer micro-segments.
Our vision is to revive the wellbeing of our planet by empowering millions of people to live in line with their environmental and social priorities, thereby accelerating a shift towards more sustainable consumption and production.
To this end, we are currently developing the app “inoqo”, which educates users on how their consumption decisions impact aspects like biodiversity, climate, social aspects, animal welfare and their own wellbeing and supports them in taking better choices.

Quick facts

  • 2020 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Food
  • Austria
  • € 125k
  • 6

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  • Markus Linder (Strategy, Sales, Investor Relations); Bernhard Schandl (Software Development); Helene Saurais (Marketing And Operations); Elisa Gramlich (Impact Data & Product); Doris Wimmer (Research & Funding); Simon Haberfellner (Product Development & Data Science)

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