National Third prize winner


Tech-based and intensive urban home farms for quality organic food


Our project seeks to solve, in a sustainable manner, the unmet demand of fresh, hygienic, local and quality organic vegetables and fish in Maputo City area.
The business opportunity arose when we noticed that urban families, restaurants and caterers were unsatisfied with vegetables and fish produced and marketed by the informal sector with no regard to hygiene and with no commercial quality and continuity. On the other hand, since the gap is being fulfilled by imports from neighbour countries, we found that imported goods are not also satisfying, they lack the natural flavour and are not so fresh, and they come at high environmental costs.
We will solve those pains by offering families and companies, in a timely, continuously and closely manner, our products, leveraging in farming right inside the city, in the regular residents home backyards (the out growers), contracted to set up our tech-based 160 sqm farming infrastructure.

Quick facts

  • 2020 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Food
  • Mozambique
  • € 5k
  • 3
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  • Iracema De Sousa - Founder And CEO; Pedro Muiambo - R&D Manager; Kleusio Muiambo - Founder & Structure Manager; Osvaldo Nobela - Technical Manager

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