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Finalist Poland Inteko wants to make stoves completely independent of electricity. This has a number of advantages. Please continue to read more about it.


At October 8, 2014 the National Final in Poland took place. Inteko was appointed as one of the finalists to represent Poland in Valencia.


What is Thermoelectric Generator about?

In fact, all the pellets and many types of wood stoves require electric power supply to operate properly. This is a problem for stove owners because:

  • The stoves are not working without electricity (So what happens to the heating of your house if the electricity is cut off?).
  • Each owner pays about 150 EUR per year for energy consumption.

Our research shows that we can make stoves completely independent of electricity. This can solve both problems: working when the electricity is cut off and no bills during 15-20 years. Besides, the owner can even save of about 1000 EUR during the lifetime of each modified stove.

Our technology uses Seebeck effect, which means direct conversion of heat flow into electric current. We install the thermoelectric module into a stove and this module generates the electric power for supplying the stove to operate properly using the heat produced by this stove.  We can make boilers and gas stoves independent of electricity, which means much safer use.

Moreover, during the production of 1 kWh of electric power there is on average about 0.5 kg of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. Since modified stoves are electricity independent, application of our technology may reduce CO2 emission up to 1 mln tons per year only in Europe.


What did the national Jury think of your idea?

They gave us the advice to be open to different markets. Initially we thought of stoves only, but after consultations we will research how much power can be generated e.g. in smelters where launching and extinguishing the stove takes few days.


How do you prepare for the Grand EU Final in Valencia? 

We attended some workshops and trainings regarding marketing strategy and pitch coaching. We are practicing every day, rethinking new ideas and getting prepared for different scenarios.


What are your expectations of the Innovation Festival?

Inteko combines both high potential for commercialization and strong impact on climate. Our goal is to find the right connections to get Inteko launched in the market. Obviously victory in the competition will also allow us to get exposed to a broader potential audience. We already have a plan of what we are going to do next and how we are going to expand.


Our dream

Our dream is to sell our technology to big stove producing company such as Palazzetti, RIKA, Viessmann etc. and to develop new markets for our technology.



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