National Third prize winner

Intelligent Traffic Control

The future of traffic starts with us


We are students in Budapest, Hungary and our school is in the heart of the city, so we experience the negative effects of the crammed traffic every day. We are sometimes late, because of the morning jam, and at times we cannot even open the windows, because of the unbearable smog or the noise.
We created a system that changes the behaviour of traffic lights from time based to live traffic based.
We record traffic data, lower the air pollution, provide safe commute and increased efficiency for a city. That means a rise in tax income and a reduction in operational costs.
Our project has a great potential impact both environmentally and socially. Using our system CO2 emissions could be lowered by 42% and we aim to improve the life quality of city inhabitants significantly.
IT-c is scalable, because it is not developed for a specific city, so we can offer our services to any one of them.
We want to create cleaner, quieter and less congested cities all around the world.

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  • 2018 Participant
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  • Urban Transitions
  • Hungary

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  • Boldizsar Fejes - CEO ; Matyas Duna - CTO

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