Inverting Animal Feed Production Using Invertebrates


InvertaPro produces high-quality protein based on the Hermetia illucens larvae (Black soldier fly) which is especially well suited as feed for the animal husbandry and aquaculture industries.

We source our inputs locally in Tanzania based on discarded organic resources from; food markets, hotels and various other food producers which are feed to our insects.

Under production, we use 100% renewable energy and focus on providing the maximum amount of jobs.

After our larvae have grown we solar dry them and pack them ready for use, the end result being a highly cost competitive product which also happens to be climate neutral!

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  • 2016 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Norway

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  • Alexander Solstad Ringheim: Economy, Zabron Nziku: Product Development, Luka Van Der Horst: Production

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