National First prize winner

Is CLEAN AIR Global Solution Ltd

We clean the air we all breathe creating healthier places.


ISCLEANAIR APA technology provides a triple win solution for indoor & outdoor spaces, by removing harmful pollutants and CO2 from the air, alongside viruses and bacteria, disinfecting & only one in the world allowing to detect viruses timely. When APA is coupled with HVAC, enables significant reduction of energy consumptions and maintenance costs (all of that with a patented granted approach using simple water, making APA 100% sustainable, zero waste and ESG compliant, an extremely cost-effective solution supporting economic restart).

Quick facts

  • 2022 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • Italy
  • € 1000k
  • € 7m
  • 6
  • 10

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  • Giuseppe Spanto And Paolo Tripodi Founded ISCLEANAIR (the Name Is A Claim, Itself) At The Beginning Of 2015, After Several Years Of Research, Development And Testing Within The Company Called ISTECH, Created To Be Focused On The Test And Validation Phases And To Patent The Technology, Jointly To The Know-how. Giuseppe, Economist And Business Expert, Managing Director And Founder, Has Over 25 Years Of National And International Experience In High-level Consulting, Management, Start-up Initiatives, Infrastructure Programs And In The TLC And ICT Sectors. Our Team Includes Also Eng. Sandro Desideri, Global Commercial Advisor And Co-founder Of Is CLEAN AIR Asia, With Over 25 Years Of Experience In Large Corporates And Start-up Initiatives And Dr. Fabio Galatioto, Advisor And Senior Technology Manager, With 20 Years Of Experience In The Environment And Transport Sectors And In Consulting To Innovative SMEs. The Company Focuses Heavily On The Combination Of Skills And Seniority And With The Launch Of The Internationalization Program, Rethinking Mentality, Role And Responsibility And Started With An Important Recruiting Process That Is Leading To The Acquisition Of Dynamic And Young Talents Such As Chiara Verderese, Today Our Technical Support, With 5 Years Of Experience In The Internationalization Of SMEs And In The Management Of Small-medium Value Projects.

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