Kempol Textiles

Sustainable and ethical fabric and clothing for a greener world


Following years of huge imports of secondhand clothing, mostly made from petroleum-derived fabrics, much of Ghana’s landfills, water-bodies and gutters are choked with discarded low quality and unfit-for-purpose clothing. These clothing take hundreds of years to degrade and produce methane, a more dangerous greenhouse gas, during their lifetime.

At Kempol Textiles, we add value to Ghana’s abundant bamboo and (waste) woods to produce sustainable and ethical fabric and clothing through eco-friendly processes. Our company employs majority women and youth to lead our transformational agenda.

Bamboo and woods such as eucalyptus are among the fastest growing plants in the world, absorb more carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen than other trees. They require little or no water to grow, no pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals, unlike cotton. We process these organic products through the environmentally-safe lyocell process which retains 99% of water and chemicals used.

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  • 2020 Participant
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  • Urban Transitions
  • Ghana
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  • Henry Reynolds Nana Benyin Enninful (CEO, Farmer, Technical Lead), Belinda Appiah (Accounting & Finance Manager), Victoria Aboagye (Fashion Designer), Victoria Dede Mensah (Sales & Marketing Manager), Prof. Dr. Dirk Enke (Technical Advisor)

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