National Third prize winner


Kifuko, specializes in producing food-grade aluminium foil paper bags for the food industry.


Conventional paper bags and cotton bags food packaging often lacks adequate features to prevent food spillage, retain heat, and provide waterproofing. This can lead to messy and inconvenient experiences for consumers, as well as potential food waste.

To address this issue, we have developed environmentally friendly double-layered paper bags that offer a solution to these challenges. These innovative bags are designed to minimize food spillage, keeping the contents securely contained during transportation and handling. Additionally, they have excellent heat retention properties, ensuring that hot food stays warm for longer periods. Moreover, our paper bags incorporate a waterproofing mechanism, effectively protecting the food from moisture and potential damage. By providing these alternative packaging options, we aim to enhance the overall value and functionality of food packaging while reducing environmental impact.

Quick facts

  • 2023 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Tanzania
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  • To Keep Kifuko Going Forward, There's A Team Of 4 To Ensure Things Go Smoothly 1. Agness Mkangaa-(CEO) Founder And Marketing Specialist, Having A Bachelors Degree Of Business Administration Marketing, She Is To Monitor The Overall Strategic Direction And Leadership Of Kifuko, By Identifying And Targeting New Business Opportunities And Market Segments Also Building And Nurturing Relationships With Key Stakeholders( Investors, Partners). 2. Joseph Senzige- (CFO), Having A Bachelor's Degree In Commerce And Accounting He Mainly Deals With Managing Financial Operations, Maintaining Accurate Financial Records, Complying With Tax Regulations And Collaborating With External Stakeholders Like Auditors And Financial Institutions. 3.Judith Maduhu- (COO), Having A B.Sc. Environmental Science And Management Her Main Activities Are Overseeing Day-to-day Operations And Ensuring Efficient Production Processes, Developing And Implementing Operational Policies, Procedures, And Quality Standards, Managing The Manufacturing And Supply Chain Operations, Optimizing Resource Allocation And Monitoring Production Efficiency And Collaborating With Other Departments To Streamline Workflows And Improve Overall Operational Performance. 3. Clinton Kihundwa- (CTO), Having Skills And Knowledge Of Innovation And Design He Mainly Deals With The Designing The Bag To Be Produced In Terms Of The Size And Shape, Maintenance Of The Equipment And Machinery Used In The Overall Production Of The Product.

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