National Third prize winner

King Greens Ltd.

From plant waste to strong, trendy, seed-embedded paper bags.


Recyclo Packages offers a sustainable, eco-friendly business solution to climate problems caused by plastic bag pollution. It is estimated that 5 trillion plastic bags will be used in 2022 and the open burning of these bags emits tons of CO2. This business targets sales of high-strength seed-embedded paper bags to pastry shops and eateries at 100 Euros per unit of 1000 bags. The ban on the use of plastic bags across the world creates a huge opportunity for paper bags which currently have a market value of 1.76 billion Euros in Nigeria with a projected annual growth rate of 8%. Recyclo packages target a 15% market share and annual profit of 936,000 Euros. Our bags are strong, trendy and seed embedded to grow plants after disposal. The business requires minimal equipment and has a sustainable source of raw materials. Funding Recyclo Packages means generating profit to tackle plastic bag pollution, saving millions of tons of CO2 emissions, creating jobs, and supporting SDGs 13 and 12.5.

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  • Nigeria
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  • 1. Emi-Johnson E. Umoeka - Founder, Research Chemist And Material Scientist 2. Ikechukwu Nwachi - Mechanical Engineer And Product Designer 3. Ruth Danlami- Nutritionist And Environmental Enthusiast 4. Bello Abdulazeez- Metallurgist, Fabricator And Recycling Entrepreneur

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