National Third prize winner


Fashionable eco friendly backpacks and accessories for everyday life


Koba stands for compact backpack and accessories. Kobag will be our first product, an innovative backpack with a thermal base for easy storage of food and drinks. We believe that this new feature will help reducing per-capita food waste, making it easier for the everyday worker to bring food from home. Indeed, our backpack aims to blend together the best qualities of a fashionable backpack (captivating design and ease of transport) with the ones of a cool bag (thermal food and drinks isolation). Finally, consistently with our green vision, all our products will be made of eco-friendly materials, thus further reducing our ecological footprint.

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Food
  • Italy

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  • Nico Giammarino - Sales & Marketing | Giuseppe Di Credico - Business & Product Development | Laura Di Credico - Design & Social Media

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