Land Sharing

Holistic approach to social entrepreneurship


We are developing products and services for solving crucial problems in Slovenia today. The project is based on intergenerational cooperation between elderly farmers who cannot work on the land due to their age and unemployed people from towns. We are targeting these disadvantaged groups of people for a cooperative growing of organic food. This will provide a local solution to current problems by enabling self-sufficiency of participants and improvement of their social status through enabling economic existence. During the cooperation surpluses of organic food will be produced. This will empower participants for employment through establishing an intergenerational social enterprise and an eco-social brand to have wider recognition and support by customers. This will enable new opportunities for the development of rural areas.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Slovenia

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  • Iztok Erjavec – Chief Ideas Officer , Martina Gopurn - Executive Project Manager, MSc Klemen Bizjak - Assistant Manager

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