National First prize winner


Providing daily life-essentials from solar power


800 million people lack access to reliable electricity and 2 billion lack access to safe water mainly due to the severe absence of basic infra-structures needed for proper human development. We, LifeBox, decided to act and created an alternative solution of sustainable and decentralized infra-structure that provides dual-supply of clean energy and safe water from solar power. LifeBox is an Egypt-made solar-powered, all-in-one, mobile and fast-deployable unit that delivers clean energy and safe water an affordable price empowering the farming, tourism and rural communities in under-served areas. We dream of empowering the lives of 1 million people in Africa by providing daily life essentials safe water and clean energy at an affordable price.

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  • 2021 Participant
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  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • Egypt
  • € 32.9k
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  • Ragy Ramadan (Founder | CEO), Mohamed (Co-Founder | CTO), Anton (Core Team Member | Product Designer), Lucas (Core Team Member | Mechanical Design Engineer)

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