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The Platform that makes Use of Every Inch Driven


The way freight transports are arranged today is inefficient. The companies who need freight transports waste time comparing the fixed prices of a handful of transport companies and contacting them. In addition the freight transport prices are high because the transport companies have few options to increase fleet utilization.

The Solution is Loadbro. It is an internet platform through which all freight transport needs and offers are synchronized in real time. In Loadbro consigner companies can publish freight offers and transport companies can make bids for them. This way transport companies can reduce empty driving radically while the consigner companies receive cheaper transport offers faster.

Reducing the empty driving of heavy duty vehicles not only decreases the amount of greenhouse gasses produced in freight transports but also the amount of traffic congestions in general.

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  • 2015 Participant
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  • Finland

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  • Jussi Ojala (Logistics), Petri Liukkonen (Back-end Developer), Petri Saarinen (UX-designer) & Valtteri Lantta (Front-end Developer)

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