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Loch Electronics

Stop washing dishes by hand, it's extremely harmful to the environment. Instead do this...


A dishwasher can save 91% of water and 61% of energy. Just in Europe we contribute to wasting more water than what Belgium consumes in a year!

Loch Electronics Limited is the world’s first environmentally driven consumer electronics company. We exist to save the environment without compromising you convenience. We’re Climate-KIC alumni and winners of Iberdrola Energy Challenge.

Most households worldwide are comprised of 1 or 2 people. And yet dishwashers are still made solely for big families. No wonder there are so many people without dishwashers: more than half of all households.

Capsule™ is the world’s first personal dishwasher specially designed to households of 1 or 2 people. It can also be used in small offices, caravans, camping pods and yachts among many other places. With Capsule™ you can reduce your carbon footprint by 88%.

Dishwasher market worldwide is €10 billion. We project to sell €5 million by 2023. Profits will finance more environmental projects.

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  • Urban Transitions
  • UK-Scotland
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  • Francisco Carreno - Managing Director, Hang Xu - Marketing, Ross Fisher - Product Design, Colin Han - Supply Chain
  • www.lochelectronics.com

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