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MACLEC technical project laboratory pvt ltd

Harnessing hydro power from surface velocity of slow moving streams


MACLEC invented patented and indigenous surface water velocity driven modular hydrokinetic Turbine Technology which is proven and unlike other hydrokinetic turbines, can be installed even in shallow and slow moving stream in partially submerged state. The modules of proposed technology can be tailor-made locally and installed without any mega civil structure such as hydro dam or reservoir, etc. to generate as low as 1 kW to 500 kW in single module. In suitable sites, multiple installation of a particular capacity modules can be made as arrays to built Mega Watt scale power plant.
Proposed Hydrokinetic Turbine Technology is suitable to address all issues related to distributed generation of Micro and Pico Hydro Power Plants which will enable millions of farmers, villagers, industries and townships situated nearby running waters to generate round the clock hydro power at affordable cost and without compromising the environmental, ecological and social issues.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • India-NCR
  • € 51.3k
  • € 552.6k
  • 10
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  • Narayan Bhardwaj (Founder And Innovative Cmd, Head Of R&D, Product Development And Commercial Installation), Balram Bhardwaj (Co-Founder & Innovative Md, Head Of Marketing, Strategy & Planning, Dr. R. P. Saini, Professor Hred Iit Roorkee And Chair Professor To Ministry Of New And Renewable Energy, Government Of India

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