National First prize winner

MAKE Insulation

Innovative thermal insulation for building construction and industry


We developed and patented an insulation technology called MAKE Insulation for amazing results never realized till now. We sell service for production and installation of composite panels based on rigid PUR foam to companies that already do thermal insulation of buildings in order to upgrade them. The uniqueness is explained with the fact that insulation can be produced on the place, and method of application and installation is without perforation of façade, and no significant loading of building construction. Using our technology, each customer obtains two times higher productivity, no capital investment, increase sales, reduce cost. With expansion of the Innovative MAKE Insulation everyone who takes part in it will find wonderful way to earn a lot of money and altogether we will give our contribution to global combat for reduction of energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Bulgaria

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  • Angel Chureshki - Inventor / CEO; Grigor Grigorov - Engineering ; Lilly Chureshka - Business Development

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