Forage legumes for monogastric performances and health of climate and humans


Human demography in combination with evolution of average standard of living increase strongly the demand for animal protein and thus of even more dramatically for plant protein.
Several problems arise both at the level of the farms and at the level of the nations but also for climate, particularly in the highly soybean dependant EU.

MASSAÏ meets this challenge with innovative agricultural machines. It promotes cultivated well known plants that are far more efficient than soybean to produce large amounts of well balanced proteins. It brings the biofractionation industry into the field and thus increases significally the crop value. It preserves and even enhances the feed quality of the harvested crop during storage.

Climate change is mitigated for the wellbeing of the planet. Animal products, meat, milks and eggs, are improved for the benefit of human health.

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  • Sustainable Land Use
  • France

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  • Guillaume DARGNAT (mechanical Engineering), Paul Barbe (hydraulic Conception), André BLIN (construction, Production)

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