Materials In Works

Label Material Up-cycler In ASEAN, Diverting Valuable Wastes From Landfill


MATERIALS IN WORKS (MIW) company aspired to lead in INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS Program – a collaboration among industry enterprises to upcycle and exchange their by-products in achieving higher resource efficiency, waste minimization and hence reducing negative impact towards environment.
In South East Asia (SEA), waste paper liner from label packaging value chain was mostly disposed of by landfill method. There is a rise of needing more landfill sites in the region and pollution problems (Leachate) drastically happening in the landfill sites. Waste paper liner was upcycled by MIW company as raw material for paper products manufacturers and to divert the valuable waste from ending up in landfill sites.
With 50% of the Beachhead Market, MIW save 39,000 Trees from cutting down which equivalent to offsetting 7,800 t of CO2-emissions per year. Again, with MIW’s proprietary upcycling solution, MIW are able to reduce 79% in CO2-emission in comparison to conventional landfill disposal method.

Quick facts

  • 2021 Participant
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  • Circular Economy
  • Singapore
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