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Matter Of Trust Colombia (MoT Colombia)

Hair, as a new material and circular economu solution, to transform agriculture and other industries


We promte the use of discarded hair, both human and pet’s fur, in a circular economy approach, diverting it from waste. Our focus is on creating hair mats to replace plastic in agriculture and the oil industry. In agriculture, hair mats cut water consumption by up to 48%, prevent weed growth, and enrich the soil with nutrients. Used mats can be composted, becoming part of the soil. In the oil industry, our hair-based product efficiently collects spilled oil on land and water, outperforming polypropylene pads. After use, the hair product can undergo bioremediation, breaking down hydrocarbons. Both applications have a positive impact on climate change mitigation and water resource preservation.


  • 2023

    1st on the Regional Final ClimateLaunchpad LATAC

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