National First prize winner


Green closed cycle soil cleaning technology


Soil pollution is globally relevant environmental and socio-economic problem which is caused by human anthropogenic activities. The rapid development of urbanization and industrialization has extremely damaged nature. The increased pollution is caused due to ecological imbalance. It’s no longer possible to replace the past, so the only solution is to find out an optimal management method for each contaminated site and try to eliminate or limit pollution. One of the possible methods to solve this problem is phytoremediation technology. We have improved this technology and developed a CLOSED CYCLE PHYTOREMEDIATION TECHNOLOGY. First, we growing specially selected plants in contaminated soils. After the growing season, we obtain the biomass of the plant, which is silage. Later, biomass is recycled in the biogas rector, which produces renewable energy. After biogas producing are obtained, high quality organic fertilizers are gained, which can be used to restore condition of the soil.

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  • 2018 Participant
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  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Lithuania

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  • Mantas Rubežius - CEO & Co - Founder; Žygimantas Kidikas - CPO & Co - Founder; Ugnė Gajauskaitė - Public Relations Specialist

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