MEGA Game: The Game With Impact

MEGA Game - Where climate change mitigation becomes a habit!

MEGA Game is a gamified web platform and smartphone app that give you knowledge and power to address climate change (among other issues) in a collaborative and cost-efficient way and create sustainable world by playing for impact.
It represents the unique education-and-collaboration system for community-based environmental and social education and eco-innovation development that improve resilient social well-being of communities and health of natural environment they live in the face of a rapidly changing global climate.
Through MEGA Game we achieve our vision of sustainable world, where every person lives an eco-friendly lifestyle, has open access to practical learning opportunities, constructs own open-source eco-innovations, and thus contributes to sustainable development and climate change mitigation in collaborative, enjoyable, and fun way anywhere in the world.

  • MEGA Game: The Game With Impact

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  • Alexandr Iscenco - Strategy & Research Coordinator; Uliana Vasilachi - Projects Coordinator; Ruxanda Vihrest - Brand & Communication Coordinator; Johnathan Li - Green Business Developer; Benedikt Marschuetz - International Cooperation Coordinator; Pavel Popovciuc - MEGA Game Developer; Natalia Ursu - Support & Opportunities Coordinator; Maria Movila - Learning & Change Agents Coordinator
National First prize winner

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