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MEGA Game: The Game With Impact

MEGA Game - collaborative platform for managing environmental projects within a global community.


Did you know that environmental organizations and Green Tech companies experience massive time costs and opportunity losses due to inefficient project management and excessive reporting to their stakeholders?
This is a 300 million dollar opportunity.


MEGA Game is the core product of the social venture MEGA ( It is a map-based project management platform specifically for environmental organizations and Green Tech companies that helps them manage environmental projects collaboratively within a global community.

By using MEGA Game our customers research existing environmental issues, manage their environmental projects, engage volunteers into them, educate their beneficiaries, monitor progress and positive impact achieved, and report to stakeholders. All this is accomplished in a collaborative space with connection to local communities and in a fun, engaging, and motivating way.


Unlike other alternatives, we combine virtual collaboration stimulated by elements of gamification with creation, monitoring, and reporting of real-world positive impact.


Our team includes passionate environmental researcher and alumnus of UC Berkeley, project manager with experience in numerous organizations, community developer and graduate from Maastricht, strategy adviser and admitted lawyer from the Australian National University, and developer with software development experience at Amazon.

Previously we organized more than 20 environmental and social projects, written and published more than 18 research works, founded 2 separate startups, raised about 50k USD in startup awards and angel investments for them, created 14 environmental jobs, and engaged over 4000 people into nature conservation and sustainable development.


We make money by subscription-based social business model with multiple recurring revenue streams.


In essence, we are Trello specifically for collaborative management of environmental projects, and our vision is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of environmental projects by connecting people for a sustainable future.


Positive impact of MEGA Game lies in changing how climate change mitigation, environment protection, and sustainable development are done these days. Instead of working with symptoms of environmental issues, our solution targets the roots of these issues and resources (ideas, solutions, talents, etc.) needed for resolving them. In such way, MEGA Game serves as collaboration-enabling platform with the set of modern technologies (gamification, e-learning, blockchain, project management, and other) necessary for system change in sustainable development.


We have already launched our Beta platform on the European market, delivered it to 7 paying customers, helped them to realize 28 environmental projects, educated 150 young people, brought together a 10k community, and raised over 70k USD in funds.

Now we are raising 100k USD in social impact investment for bringing the final web and app versions of the platform to the international market.


  • 2018

    Creative Business Cup - National Top 5 Winner

  • 2018

    Dell Education Challenge - Promising Project Award

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  • Alexandr Iscenco - Co-founder, CEO, and research & development coordinator; Mihail Cebanu - COO and gamification coordinator; Felicia Cretu - Community development coordinator and copywriter; Ivan Low – strategy adviser; Elena Ungureanu - Project coordinator and manager; Taisia Camenscic – Hai Moldova campaign coordinator; Pavel Popovciuc - MEGA Game developer and back-end IT support; Hermann Gams and Harald Katzenschlaeger – mentors.

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