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Optimizing Freight Matching for a Sustainable Future With Sharing Truckload


Merge tackles logistics inefficiencies head-on. Inefficient trucking, millions of empty miles, wasted space, and excessive CO2 emissions plague the industry.
Our solution? A cutting-edge digital freight matching platform that optimizes routes, consolidates shipments, and maximizes truck space utilization through shared truckload model. shared truckload focuses on optimizing space utilization by consolidating shipments from multiple shippers that are going in the same direction. This approach minimizes empty miles, reduces the environmental impact, and offers cost savings to shippers as they share the transportation costs.
This efficiency slashes costs for shippers by 50% and reduces CO2 emissions by 20%. It also increases Logistics Providers’ revenues by upto 30%.
Merge isn’t just redefining shipping; it’s paving the way for greener, more efficient transportation, revolutionizing the future of logistics.


  • 2023

    1st on the Regional Final ClimateLaunchpad Africa

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  • 2023 Participant
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  • Circular Economy
  • Egypt
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  • Marina Danial - Co-Founder, Ramy Salah - Co-Founder, Karim Michel - Co-Founder

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