National First prize winner

Mighty Meat

Mighty Meat is a healthy, sustainable and scalable plant-based food source


Might Meat provides high quality, nutritious food to an ever-growing population of people who are ditching or reducing animal meat in their diets.

The purpose is to become a viable replacement for animal-based meats. Most people who stop or decrease their meat consumption don’t do so for taste reasons. The concerns heavily centre around animal welfare, environment and health, so we’re providing similar flavours and textures to what people have traditionally enjoyed, minus the devastation of mass animal agriculture.

The major impact of this evolution of eating is that we get to severely decrease carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, as the more we grow the sector, the more we can decrease the demand for products from a climate intensive industry and provide a bridge of great products to a more sustainable and delicious way of eating.

5 years from now: think of us as the brand name of Heinz, the distribution of Dominos with the focus of Tesla.

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