We make 100% natural body and hair care cosmetics


You can already find brands for natural body care products in stores, but they’re not cheap, and if it’s cheap it’s not natural, and definitely not sustainable as it contains toxic and harsh chemicals and packaged in plastic eventually it ends up in the landfills or the oceans causing harm to the marine life,
that’s what motivated us to create our parallel context to the market’s current situation,
We make 100% natural body and hair care cosmetics, packaged in a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, also we offer our customer a lot of services, which includes
– Re-Filling with a proper discount.
– Home delivery.
– Multi use of one product and instructions on how to use the products in several ways.

Quick facts

  • 2019 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Egypt

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  • Heba Fayek - Sara Shereb

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