Mona5na ( Our Climate Lab )

Climate action start up, working for environmental education, by making workshops using innovation.


Our Deal: We sell our environmental program consisting of 5 workshops ( every workshop consists of 6 modules ) for parents and get 28 euro /P .
Beachhead Market :💰💰 Our customers differs, for example: organizations, parents, and governments according to our Market Segmentation Statistics. Our Market segment will be by Geography: Different regions in Alexandria and Cairo.
Customer Value Proposition : Our Customer is : Parents of Children 👪👪 and Education Organizations .Our Values:🌞🌞 Sustain and Green Attitude. 🌴💧💧, mitigation and adaptation manner🌳🌳🌳, and we are having climate action performance.🌎🌎
OUR PRODUCT:One Program of 5 workshops, every workshop has six modules, for
age 7:16 yrs.
Customer Discovery:We made interviews with 30 customers, ( organizations, parents, governments ), we asked about environmental awareness, innovation through fun and design and environmental education.Our hypothesis is that we can have one group in each of three regions in Cairo .

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  • 2019 Participant
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  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Egypt
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  • Noura Abdo: Founder And CEO, Ahmed Kamal: R&D/Logistic, Alaa Abdel'aaty: Social Media Specialist, Ahmed Mahmoud: PR

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