detachable fixing solutions for ceramic tiles


Since the modern lifestyle is constantly changing, building and materials reconversion is inevitable – waste, however, is not. We aim to transform this apparent issue into an opportunity. Our approach needs to change: why destroy something still functional instead of reusing it? The basic construction elements of many “out of use” buildings are still in really good shape and we want to put them to good use!
Moveatile is a game-changing project: we aim to design products using the circular economy approach and we start from waste! Moveatile detachable ceramic fixing system extends the tiles’ lifetime, offers the option of multiple-use and the opportunity to resell the tiles – once no longer needed – instead of destroying them. We are offering the option of monetizing the product later. We developed a system so easy to install/detach that it doesn’t require specialized labor: in fact, grandpa can do it himself!
Our motto is: decorate now, monetize later, waste nothing!

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  • Silviana CALNICEAN - Product Designer; Larisa GARDEAN - Project Manager; Corina MORARU - Materials Science Researcher; Diana NOVAC - Marketing Specialist

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