Moz Eco-Hidraulica

Environmental friendly hydraulic systems, capable of saving water in the bathroom by over 80%


Moz Eco-Hidráulica is a Mozambican start-up that works in the development of hydraulic systems that guarantee greater water savings in the bathroom, capable of saving water by more than 80%, applicable to homes, businesses, schools, boarding schools , etc. The present system is environmental friendly, capable of significantly reducing water bills and as a bonus it does not spend any other resources on its use (such as electricity). Moz Eco-Hudraulico presents a simple, economical and efficient hydraulic system.

Quick facts

  • 2020 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Mozambique
  • 2

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  • Agnaldo J. Macaringue (CEO), Mauro Sitoe (Technical Director), Levy Anibal (Marketing And Sales Officer), Amandia Argentina (Finances And Logistics)

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